Designed for 100 Residential units or less (bagging compactor)

The JAX10 allows for premiere compaction in just about any location, small enough to fit into tight corridors or sub-basements and yet large enough to keep up with your compacting needs for a building of up to 100 residential units or less! Make a difference in your building’s recycling and trash compaction needs.

Additional Features

  • Replaceable wear plates and positive guides
  • Motor overload protection and fused circuitry
  • Over pressure protection
  • Access door safety interlock switch
  • “No-bag” cut off switch
  • Manual chute cut-off gate
  • Suction oil filter
  • Electric eye control with time delay
  • Flexible cylinder mount
  • Magnet motor starter with overload protection
  • Off-on key switch
  • Operation mode lights
  • Positive limit switching
  • Maximum chamber opening 19 inches x 24 inches