Orwak North America

For over 45 years, Orwak has been in the business of helping organizations implement affordable, practical waste reduction solutions that are as good for the environment as they are for the bottom line. Orwak Trash Compactors and Balers have helped thousands of businesses from restaurants to manufacturing facilities reduce trash volume, slash costs, generate recycling revenue and enhance profitability through our compaction and baling solutions. Partnership to Serve NYC Real Estate Manager As we start 2019, we are pleased to announce that

Marketing Sustainability

Overview Premier Compaction Systems initiates its innovation on a daily basis, working tirelessly to spread passion for sustainability in the surrounding community. To do so, the business works with other companies, ranging from local businesses to large corporations, separating waste products for reuse, by remarketing the product for new use. Overall, the innovation benefits both society and the environment, contributing towards the Sustainable Development Goals, specifically the task of creating sustainable cities and communities. Raymond Qian Innovation Premier Compaction Systems’ (PCS) business innovation is